University Happiness Study
  • DATE March 2018

The Challenge

Fusion commissioned a university study to capitalise on Strava’s relationship with parkrun. The brief for the university in question (Glasgow Caledonian University) was to conduct a wide-ranging study looking at the effects of the running community (as represented by Strava and parkrun).


The initial aim of the study from a PR perspective was to look at the hypothesis that the running community has a significant positive effect on various aspects of individuals’ lives. Namely: mental health, happiness, self-confidence, motivation to exercise, body image, social life, performance, sense of belonging etc. We worked with running star Jo Pavey as our spokesperson for the topic.

We analysed the final study report, and pulled out the main headlines:
Runners are happier than the general population
In addition to exercise helping with mental health, the study showed a strong impact from the positive community support from both Strava and parkrun.


229 pieces of coverage appeared across television, local and national online and print media, regional and local radio, health and fitness, lifestyle and specialist press.