OVO Energy

Women's Tour - Equal Prize Money
  • DATE March 2018

Pics: SWPix.com

Putting Women's Cycling on the National Agenda

Fusion were tasked with strengthening OVO’s association with OVO Women’s Tour. We wanted to put cycling on the national agenda and get across the brand’s key message: Doing the right thing.


We organised a press event in the House of Commons, gathering support of MPs, where we announced to media that the 2018 event would match prize money of the men’s Tour of Britain. On-site we arranged and managed ambassador interviews, as well as producing and distributing media materials for the launch.


We achieved a vast range of national coverage including BBC TV, Radio, The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, iNews and Metro.

Media Coverage: 157 pieces
Total Circulation: 2,370,000,000
Total AVE: £256,516.40