Bringing the industry together

  • DATE June 2020
  • TYPE Integrated Campaign

One powerful voice with a single mission.

#BikeIsBest has united over 50 leading cycle brands, retailers and organisations into one powerful voice with a single mission - to get more people riding bikes more often. It was described by Forbes as “the most extensive coordinated promotional campaign for cycling since the 1970s”.


The #BikeIsBest campaign was orchestrated by Fusion Media to promote cycling to a new demographic to the wider benefit of the whole industry.

The campaign involves a multi-channel marketing campaign across digital, out of home, TV and print media. At the heart of the #BikeIsBest campaign was an inspirational film, designed to promote behaviour change, normalise cycling and question why we would return to our transport status quo. Coordinated by Fusion, the campaign has led the industry over the last 6 months to help drive a change in how people view and engage with riding a bike.


The campaign has led to 3.1 million video views. The campaign overall has seen 18 million digital impressions and 32 million impacts. The campaign conducted a timely survey, showing that there are 6.5 people in favour of measures to enable cycling for every 1 person against. The data provided was used as part of the Secretary of State’s briefing notes and was well received by MPs. The group also wrote to the Prime Minister to highlight the importance of realising the “golden age of cycling”.