Three months since launching, Beryl Bikes have been cycled over 80,000km in Bournemouth and Poole

September 20, 2019 - by Client News

Beryl Bikes have been cycled the equivalent of twice around the world in the three months since launching in Bournemouth and Poole. The British urban cycling brand who launched its innovative hybrid dockless scheme in the coastal towns, has announced its fleet of emerald bikes have collectively cycled over 80,000km. The distance pedalled is a staggering carbon offset, of 14,487 kg of CO2 according to DEFRA’s carbon conversion factor.

Residents and visitors to Bournemouth and Poole have made great use of the 1,000 bikes and 180 Beryl parking bays throughout the summer. The scheme’s popularity has also grown month on month since its launch, as the first month alone riders clocked up 7,000km across the south coast. During the famous Bournemouth Air Festival, locals and visitors helped reduce congestion by making over 2,500 trips by Beryl Bikes.

With the BCP Council having declared a climate emergency, Beryl has encouraged those yet to take part in the bike share scheme to consider using its bikes as part of “Car Free Day” on the 22nd of September. The globally recognised event encourages motorists to give up their cars for the day to promote other means of transport like cycling or walking.

Beryl CEO Phillip Ellis said, “We are delighted with the way the Beryl bike share scheme in Bournemouth and Poole has exponentially grown since its launch in June. For those thinking of trying out one of our bikes for the first time, I’d encourage them to try it on Car Free Day where others around the UK and the world have the chance to change their transport habits in a more environmentally friendly way.”

Councillor Andy Hadley, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transport and Infrastructure at BCP Council echoes Phil Ellis’ positivity about the bike share scheme.

“We are thrilled to see the outstanding figures for bike share usage across Bournemouth and Poole since the launch of the scheme in June. Cycling is a sustainable and healthy form of travel, and we hope this success encourages more people to give it a go and enjoy a ride on the increasingly recognisable Beryl Bikes. This is a real boost to our aims to combat the Climate Emergency, to reduce congestion and improve air quality by practical action from our residents and visitors.’’

Beryl riders all over Bournemouth and Poole have shared positive experiences of the hybrid bike share scheme. Rider Shannon met with the Beryl team at a community event last month and shared that she has been using the scheme to get back into regular cycling after a mountain biking injury.

“The Beryl Bikes gave me an easy and low commitment way to start regaining my confidence cycling on the street again, thanks!”


The number of Beryl Bays throughout Bournemouth and Poole have almost doubled in number since the launch of the scheme. Beryl Bays are now servicing more residential parts of the riding area. Now the scheme is at full coverage, from September 24th, the out of bay parking fee will be updated to the standard £2, from the initial discounted fee of £1 as bays rolled out. This convenience fee and the £5 out of Beryl Zone charge act as an incentive to encourage responsible parking and are a means to keep the scheme fully operational.

Riders have a payment choice of Pay-As-You-Ride (£1 unlock fee + 5p per minute), Minute Bundles (no unlock fee and bundles starting at 100 minutes for £5) or Day Passes (24 hours of unlimited riding for £12). Once their ride is complete, users simply close the lock on the bike to complete their ride and make it available for the next person to use.

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