Reuse Over Recycle: Beeline Team up with Triage to Launch New Refurbishment Programme for Beeline Moto

April 21, 2022 - by Client News

Beeline, the British navigation specialists, are proud to announce the launch of their new eco-conscious refurbishment and repair programme for Beeline Moto devices. Teaming up with the UK’s leading re-utilisation specialist Triage, customers now have the opportunity to buy refurbished devices at a discounted rate – offering the same high-quality experience as those buying new but helping to reduce carbon emissions. A limited number of refurbished devices will be available initially; however, stock will be replenished throughout the year as Triage repairs more used devices. 

Until now, Beeline has encouraged customers to send their old or damaged Moto units back to them to recycle, but have always known that this should be treated as the “best last resort”. Beeline wants to slow down the journey to this last resort by reusing devices for as long as possible. With Earth Day around the corner, Beeline sees no better time to kick start their new refurbishment programme. 

From today, any returned damaged devices will be sent to Triage so they can start their journey to become a refurbished device for someone else. Outside of warranty, customers can now pay for their unit to be repaired by Triage; to ensure customers are back on their bikes exploring as quickly as possible, they’ll immediately be sent a previously repaired device from stock. Paid repairs will cost £55 for a Plastic Beeline Moto or £65 for a Metal Beeline Moto. 

Beeline will also offer surplus refurbished devices for sale at a special discounted price too, depending on availability. Refurbished units will cost £110 for a Plastic Beeline Moto and £135 for a Metal Beeline Moto.

Repairing Moto devices is just the beginning for Beeline. Once the programme is in motion, they will look to roll out a similar programme for their upcoming Beeline Velo 2 device. Beeline units are designed with durability in mind but realistically some devices will, unfortunately, break so repairability and recyclability are essential. 

Beeline co-founder Mark Jenner said: 

“We’re thrilled to launch the new Beeline refurbishment programme. We understand that people are increasingly concerned about the level of electronic waste, and seeking to make purchasing decisions based on reducing their environmental impact. 

‘’That is why we are proud to offer an alternative solution to recycling Beeline units once they are damaged. For years Triage has been repairing anything from ATM machines to government laptops, so will be the perfect and experienced partner for this next step in our journey.’’ 


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