Red Bull Hardline: Full Rider Line-Up Revealed

September 3, 2019 - by Client News, Cycling

With Red Bull Hardline less than two weeks away, the full rider line up has now been announced.  The roster boasts an impressive 29 riders, 12 of which will be making their debut in Machynlleth, Wales. 

UK dirt-jumper and slopestyle specialist Matt Jones will be amongst the 12 riders making their debut at this year’s race. Now slated as one of the best up-and-coming slopestyle riders in Europe, Matt Jones is sure to be a crowd favourite at this year’s event. His twin, Jono Jones will also be competing adding another case of sibling rivalry to this year’s competition alongside the Atherton brothers. 

13 British riders will be included in this year’s field, however, Adam Brayton has announced that he’ll miss this year’s event after breaking his collarbone in a heavy crash during training. In 2017 he qualified fastest but the weather conditions and long technical course were too much to handle causing him to crash out in the final section on the last run of the day. The full rider list can be found here

The sixth edition of the toughest downhill mountain bike race in the world, Red Bull Hardline, will take place across the weekend of the 14th-15th September. This year, tickets are available for the Saturday open practice session and qualifying. Finals will take place on Sunday. A huge screen will be in the event village for the public to watch the race on both Saturday and Sunday. All the action, both Saturday’s qualifying and Sunday’s final will be available to watch live at

Sunday tickets have now sold out, however, tickets for Sunday are available, they are sold per car, for a cost of  £40 + booking fee (max five people per car). In total, 500 tickets per day have been made available. In 2019, spectators will have access to more of the course than in previous years with viewing areas accessible further up the track. 

For more information and to buy tickets please visit and join the conversation @RedBullUK with the hashtag #RedBullHardline.


Gee Atherton (Atherton bikes) 

UCI Rank: 16 

Hardline History: Winner 2018


Dan Atherton (Atherton bikes)

UCI Rank: N/A 

Hardline History: Hardline creator, 3rd 2017, 13th 2016, 2nd 2014


Matt Jones (Marin)

FMB Rank: 50

Hardline History: N/A


Jono Jones (DMR Bikes)

Hardline History: N/A


Brendan Fairclough (Scott downhill factory)

UCI Rank: 68

Hardline History: DNQ 2018


Laurie Greenland (MS Mondraker) 

UCI Rank: 6

Hardline History: 9th 2018, 4th 2017


Brook McDonald (Team: MS Mondraker) 

UCI Rank: 7

Hardline History: 10th 2016


Charlie Hatton (Atherton bikes)

UCI Rank: 32

Hardline History: 3rd 2018


Craig Evans (Team: Santa Cruz free agents)

UCI Rank: N/A

Hardline History: winner 2017, 6th 2015


Bernard Kerr (Pivot Factory Racing) 

UCI Rank: 33

Hardline History: 2nd 2018, 2nd 2017, winner 2016,3rd 2015


Brage Vestavik (MS Mondraker)

UCI Rank: 92

Hardline History: 6th 2018


Florent Payet (VoulVoul Racing)

UCI Rank: 57

Hardline History: 7th 2018 


Kade Edwards (Trek Factory Racing)

UCI Rank: 61

Hardline History: 10th 2018


Alexandre Fayolle (Polygon UR) 

UCI Rank: 69, 

Hardline History: 5th 2018, 10th 2017


Kaos Seagrave (Transition Bikes/ Muc-Off Factory Racing)

UCI Rank: 380

Hardline History: 7th 2017


Eddie Masters (Pivot Factory Racing)

UCI Rank: 28 

Hardline History: 7th 2016


Alexandra Fayolle (Polygon, PR)

UCI Rank: 69

Hardline History: 5th 2018, 10th 2017


Gaëtan Vigé (Cube Global Squad)
UCI Rank: 253

Hardline History: 8th 2018


Erik Irmisch (YT Industries)

UCI Rank: 98

Hardline History: N/A


Cole Lucas (Pivot Factory Racing)

EWS Rank: 10

Hardline History: N/A


Joe Smith (Propain Factory Racing)
UCI Rank: 82

Hardline History: 4th 2018, 8th 2016, 2nd 2015


Harry Molloy (Insync Racing)
UCI Rank: 71

Hardline History: N/A


Leo Sandler (Transition Bikes)
UCI Rank: N/A

Hardline History: N/A


Oscar Härnström (Intense)

UCI Rank: N/A

Hardline History: N/A


David McMillan (Specialized)

EWS Rank: 56

Hardline History: N/A


Juan Diego Salido (Transition Bikes)

Hardline History: N/A


Jérôme Caroli (Santa Cruz)
UCI Rank: 225

Hardline History: N/A


Matt Walker (Pivot Factory Racing)
UCI Rank: 84

Hardline History: N/A


Joel Anderson (Specialized)

Hardline History: N/A

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