Brompton Launch the Electric P Line – Lightweight Electric Performance

July 12, 2022 - by Client News

Brompton, the UK’s largest bike manufacturer has today launched the lightest Brompton Electric bike ever – the most compact electric folding bike on the market. With its Titanium Advanced Rear Frame, Superlight 4-speed gearing system and enhanced portability features, this e-bike is performance, folded and unfolded.

Giving you next-level freedom, this is the first Brompton Electric to feature their all-new superlight 4-speed gearing system which has been seen on the T Line and P Line models. Shifting is smooth and simple with a single lever. The refined geometry which increases durability combined with best-in-class componentry, means the bike  is available from 12.7kg, or 15.6kg with the detachable battery pack.

This bike makes moving around the city and beyond as easy and as fun as possible. The P Line Electric is available with a 3D-metallic finish in Storm Grey and Midnight Black, and as with all Brompton bikes is powder-coated at the paint facility in the Brompton London Factory using environmentally-friendly powders and energy from 100% renewable sources.

The Brompton Electric P Line moves at speeds of up to 25 km per hour with three levels of power assist. The smart torque sensor in the bottom bracket makes your ride smooth, stable and efficient. You can travel as far as 70 km in a single charge. And when it comes to charging, it’s as easy as plugging in your phone. You can do it anywhere. Remove the lightweight battery pack with one quick click and use any regular socket.

The lightest Brompton Electric bike ever

The Electric P Line is available from just 12.7 kg (or 15.6 kg with the battery pack ready for riding). Designed for the best performance, with its titanium Advanced Rear Frame and premium, weight-saving components. You can carry it, lift it, and ride it further.

Even more portable

Folds in less than 20-seconds – tows and rolls easier than ever. The innovative dual-locking seat post means you can steer the folded bike by the saddle. The larger, lighter Advanced Roller Wheels glide from street to building. And there’s the Brompton-engineered Roller Rack (optional). The 341-gram rack is designed around the centre of gravity to minimise the feeling of weight, making your folded bike feel like a super light suitcase.

Spec’d to perfection

The compact Superlight 4-speed gearing system gives you everything you need to connect to the city and beyond. Shifting is smooth and simple with a single gear lever. The Brompton Advance Suspension block comes as standard, sharpening control and handling. Add all the other Superlight parts and the premium touchpoints to the mix, and you have a truly next-level electric experience.

Go from A to B or even A to Z

Supercharge your day with the custom-made electric system developed with Williams Advanced Engineering. The compact 250-kWh hub motor does the hard work for you. Hop on and choose from three levels of smart pedal assist. Put your foot down. Feel the torque. The fine-tuned sensor in the bottom bracket knows exactly when to kick-in (smoothly). Breeze through the city at speeds of up to 25 km per hour. Go and explore with the 70-kilometre range.

Roller Rack

The Brompton-engineered Roller Rack makes towing and rolling your folded bike faster and easier. The 341-gram rack is designed around the centre of gravity to minimise the feeling of weight, making it feel like a super light suitcase. It’s simple to mount with four fixings and bosses on the frame—no need to remove your brake.

Ride smart

Put the power at your fingertips with the Brompton Electric app. On IOS or Android. Connect your phone and bike with Bluetooth. Mount the useful dashboard on your bars. Control your power mode, maximise battery life, extend your range and more. You can even charge your phone as you ride with the battery pack USB port.

Peace of mind

Every single Brompton Electric folding bike is hand-built and quality-assured by our teams in London and Sheffield. Expertly engineered with reinforced frame parts and custom-developed components. And rigorously tested to perform safely. Each bike comes with a 7-year registered frame warranty and a 3-year electric system warranty. Brompton Electric owners around the world are supported by a network of Brompton-trained experts.

The Brompton Electric P Line – time to take your journeys to a whole new level.

Will Butler-Adams, CEO at Brompton Bicycle said:

‘’We are thrilled to be launching the Brompton Electric P Line today. This is the most compact folding electric bike on the market – and the culmination of years of research and development.

‘’Utilising elements of our in-house designed componentry featured on the P Line and T Line models, this bike is truly lightweight and portable.

‘’E-bikes are essential for expanding access to cycling, as they enable more people to ride further and take journeys by bike that they otherwise may not have. Developing a lightweight one that is also incredibly compact is something we’re proud of – and we can’t wait to see people riding them.’’

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