Beeline Unveil All New Velo 2 Cycle Computer

June 7, 2022 - by Client News

Beeline, the British routing and navigation experts, have today announced the launch of their much anticipated Beeline Velo 2 GPS cycling computer. A complete refresh of Beeline’s original Velo device, the Beeline Velo 2 offers a brand new navigation interface, a larger display screen and an enhanced app-based route planner, helping to create safe, simple and more enjoyable rides. 

The Velo 2 makes it even easier to navigate and follow turn instructions than its predecessor thanks to a completely new and improved navigation interface. The simplified navigation allows both new and experienced riders to feel confident in following a safe route.

Supported by Beeline’s second successful Kickstarter campaign, the Velo 2 has over 5,000 backers, pledging more than $400,000, and will retail at £79.99. As a growing number of people opt for pedal power for both leisure and transport, it’s no surprise that the demand for safer and more enjoyable routes is also on the rise. 

In order to provide the best possible routes for their users, Beeline gathers several types of data from Beeline rides, as well as bringing together the most relevant external information from the open mapping community (OpenStreetMap). During the ride, users can simply press the rating buttons at any point of their journey to indicate if they’re having a positive or negative experience. These Beeline Road Ratings then feed directly into Beeline’s routing algorithm to adapt and improve future routes. The more users and the more feedback, the better the routes become.

For fuss-free navigation, just type in your desired destination into the Beeline App and you will be given three varying journey options to get there. You can choose between a fast route, quiet route, or a balanced route for a blend of the two. Alternatively, for the adventurers out there, you can pick your own route to your destination with Compass Mode, Beeline’s original as-the-crow-flies navigation.

The Beeline Velo 2’s revamped interface provides tracking details as you ride including a speedometer, live ride stats and ETA. The twist-lock mounting mechanism means you can fit the Beeline Velo 2 to any handlebar with ease. As well as looking sleek on your bars, the Beeline Velo 2 is also waterproof and shockproof so there’s no need to worry if the weather turns. The battery lasts for 10+ hours of use and is charged via a USB-C port. The Rocker Top mechanism allows users to easily interact with the device on the go and with gloves on. The Beeline Velo 2 facilitates all your tracking needs, works globally and integrates seamlessly with Strava so you can share all your cycling adventures.

Beeline co-founder Mark Jenner said: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Beeline Velo 2 today. Ultimately, we want to help more people enjoy the benefits of riding a bike whilst staying safe and equipped with all the information they need. The Velo 2 aims to do just that.

“Whilst existing products on the market prioritise long lists of fitness and performance features, we’ve focused on the fundamental navigation and stats that make a real difference to the enjoyment of a ride for all riders”

‘’Our exceptionally simple navigation interface enhances a rider’s experience from the moment they plan their ride until they reach their destination.“

‘’The Beeline Velo 2 is a smart device, connecting to your phone and the cloud, so will keep improving through software updates for years to come. With its robust design and regular updates, the Beeline Velo 2 is built to last.’’ 

The Beeline Velo is available for £79.99. For more information on Beeline’s Kickstarter campaign visit here. The public will have an opportunity to buy shares in Beeline through their upcoming Seedrs campaign launching on 14th June.  To learn more about Beeline visit,


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