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January 3, 2020 - by Blog, Client News

In a fast-paced environment, with your foot firmly on the gas, you don’t often have time to look back at where you have come from before you are onto the next project. With a little bit of time at the end of a year, this offers the perfect time for both reflection and looking forward.

2019 was Fusion Media’s busiest year-to-date, delivering multi-faceted marketing & PR campaigns for some of the biggest names within the active lifestyle and endurance sports sector. It’s been a memorable year for us and our clients. If we could link arms, drink champagne and pedal/run off into the sunset, we’d do that. Instead, we’ve made an infographic.

Of course, these numbers show the big picture, but we wanted to highlight a few individual campaigns too.

We’ve worked with 22 different clients in 2019 and have so many campaigns to choose from. Here is a few selected by the team to show the year we’ve had.

Alpecin Activation at Yorkshire World Champs

We negotiated sponsorship for our clients Alpecin at the Yorkshire World Championships. Alpecin is Germany’s leading shampoo brand, and by working with top barbers we activated a mobile barber campervan to give pro-cyclists and media a special treat ahead of the big races at the World Championships.

We secured several media interviews with riders whilst sat in the barber’s seats, this not only gave Alpecin great exposure but the relaxed atmosphere of a barber’s shop made for some unique interviews! The highlight was an in-depth interview with Mathieu van der Poel on the BBC’s main coverage of the Yorkshire World Championships.

Red Bull’s Active When On Lunch (AWOL)

In May ‘19, Red Bull launched a new brand campaign called Active When on Lunch (AWOL), designed to get the nation active during their lunch breaks. Throughout May, Red Bull hosted free lunchtime fitness sessions at their headquarters in London, and our role was to increase awareness via traditional media and influencers.

To kick off AWOL we hosted a class the week before the campaign started with 13 key media and influencers attending the session. The posts from the influencers focused on product functionality and driving followers to sign up to the campaign. Across the campaign we created 67 pieces of media coverage and social content, which included; 3 nationals, 5 lifestyle/fitness media, 1 trade, 23 regional media outlets, and 14 influencer posts. This also included a social takeover on The Telegraph’s Instagram page.

PR & influencer content at Tour de France

Our remit was to help Tour de France organisers, A.S.O, reach new and wider audiences in the UK. Alongside our PR & social work, we identified The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, as having the target demographic of fitness conscious people who aren’t already into professional cycling.

We arranged a helicopter to fly Joe into Stage 18, the first day the race hit the Alps, to watch the race at the roadside and meet some of the stars of cycling. He shared the experience with his 2.7 million Instagram and 3.3 million Facebook followers as well as an all-encompassing video of his day on YouTube.

Launch of Kriss Kyle Dubai edit with Red Bull

In late 2018, as part of his new BMX edit Scottish rider Kriss Kyle rolled his bike out of a helicopter onto the top of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, the fifth-highest hotel in the world. Our job was simply to get it seen.

With coverage in 10 nationals, 19 specialist and 13 Scottish/regional papers we had an estimated reach of 1,027,081,914. A further 20 publications posted the video or an article to the followers with an estimated reach of 7,680,149. Add to that broadcast footage shown on BBC Sport, Sky News and Eurosport, and links through to the hero video on YouTube from Daily Mail, Highsnobiety and Digg – you can safely say it was most definitely seen.

Launch of Wahoo KICKR Bike

With the bike under wraps and a strict embargo ahead of its launch at trade show Eurobike we were responsible for teasing media appetites ahead of the big reveal. Offering enough to tantalise the sometimes jaded journo taste buds, without giving away too much, required a finely balanced approach and a detailed understanding of specialist press.

Invitees to the launch were given a unique first look and Fusion facilitated onsite testing of Wahoo’s most immersive indoor riding experience, ahead of general release and interview opportunities with senior Wahoo staff.

We followed up the launch with a press release to specialist cycling, tech and trade media, ensuring the most appropriate media outlets received products to test in time to publish reviews in line with the general product release, resulting in 18 pieces of coverage with a total circulation of 18,825,884.

Fusion Influencers

Fusion influencers are a unique band of highly professional, engaging and creative influencers who know their audience and are managed by us to work with brands in the most effective way possible. Our belief is that the right influencer working with the right brand can be hugely beneficial and our goal is to build the relationships that make that happen.

To become a Fusion influencer, you need more than just likes. Fusion influencers are people who know and understand the active lifestyle and endurance sports market that they are deeply embedded in. They are people with character, flair and the ability to reach and engage audiences in a fresh and authentic way.

The Running Channel

Building an engaged community is everything. Fusion launched The Running Channel back in June 2018 and set about creating the fastest growing audience of runners in the world by focusing on creating high quality and varied content that directly relates to the way that runners identify with their passion. Combining first-person vlogs with a growing library of educational how-tos and challenges has helped the channel to grow to over 60,000 subscribers and 600,000 monthly views in a little over a year.

Thanks to our wonderful roster of clients and hard-working staff for making 2019 a great year. We are looking forward to a happy and busy 2020!

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