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December 10, 2019 - by Blog, Cycling, Running

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Active folk can be hard to buy for, especially once you’ve exhausted the options of cycling-themed socks or stationary. We’ve spoken to the Fusion team and asked them for their top recommendation for Christmas presents for the active person in your life.

Bath SaltsMolton Brown Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Bath Salts, 300g – £19.00 

Any rider or runner who has to start cranking up their training post-Christmas knows there’s going to be some long, hard, and even cold training sessions ahead. They’ll certainly come to appreciate a hot post-run bath, so why not gift some fancy bath salts to help relax their muscles and loosen any stiff joints.

AfterShokz Aeropex – £149.95

A lot of runners benefit from music or podcasts, especially on long runs. The big cheese, Adam Tranter’s (albeit infrequent) longest runs have come from immersing himself in a great podcast. Normally, he wouldn’t run with headphones as he likes to listen to his surroundings, especially road danger. This is where AfterShokz come in as a perfect gift for runners (and cyclists). Their bone conduction technology means you can listen to your favourite tunes or podcasts while still keeping your ears open and in tune with the world around you. 

Hilly Marathon Fresh Anklet£12.00

Sean has blown the rest of the Fusion Media office out of the water in terms of clocking up the most miles run this year, registering four 42.2km efforts and one ultra-marathon in 2019. Apart from a lunch diet of pasta, cookies and doughnuts, Sean also swears by Hilly’s Marathon Fresh Anklets. Well priced, reliable, comfy and warm!

Bespoke Cycling PrintsFrom £13.50 or £23.50 custom

Want to commemorate a favourite climb or route in art form? Along with being a decent cyclist, our friend Chris Hall is a pretty decent designer and creates amazing custom cycling prints. Available in two options: either a ready-to-order print of famous European climbs signed by Chris, or something completely custom. The perfect way to make sure a fond cycling memory lives on.


A book is always a welcome Christmas gift for our content lead, Hannah Reynolds, but especially so when it features running or cycling. On her list of books to read instead of watching another Christmas movie are; The Rise of the Ultra Runners by Adharanand Finn; Where There’s a Will by Emily Chappell and Feet in the Clouds, Richard Askwith.


Buff Tropical Tiger TikiTube – £12.99

Recommended by Aurélie, but worn everyday by The Running Channel’s Anna Harding on Run For Love, the buff is a versatile piece of kit that’s perfect for any run and any runner. Tie your hair back, cover your head and ears when it’s windy, keep your neck warm, cover your nose when it’s super cold – a buff can do it all! It’s a great stocking filler as they always come in a range of colours, materials and are unisex.

Cycling Cap look Mum No Hands! Banana Cycling Cap – £14.00

Go bananas with this banana cycling cap from our friends over at look Mum No Hands! Our Head of PR, Wiesia, rocks this cap all year round as the bright colours help brighten her mood in winter riding and in summer, well who wouldn’t want to show this sorta cap off?

Track Cycling Taster Session – Herne Hill Velodrome Induction / Taster – £5.00 for children, £20.00 for adults

Know someone who might enjoy riding around in circles, without brakes, on a fixed gear, centimetres away from others? Our track pro, Benjamin Atkinson, reckons you should get them a taster session at Herne Hill Velodrome is probably the best present you can get any cyclist.


Commuter Back Pack – Le Col Commuter Back Pack – £120.00

Made for cyclists, but well designed with a chest strap that it’s a decent running backpack for the days you want to sneak in a running session on your way to work. The bag is deceivingly big with a 60-litre capacity and has the added bonus of being completely waterproof. Plenty of compartments for your laptop, accessories and smelly clothing.

A Sports Massage From the comfort of their own home, Urban Massage 

Ruth Grimoldby has lived up to the billing of the nicest person in the office with perhaps the most thoughtful present, a voucher for a home sports massage. You can select from a range of treatments that can be tailored to their individual needs. Having them come to their own house is a real treat when you don’t feel like hobbling in and out of the house.

And finally, 

A donation – to Wheels for Change – Xmas Appeal

Christmas is about what you give, not what you receive. There’s perhaps no greater present than giving somebody the gift of cycling. This Christmas, Fusion Media is supporting the Wheels For Wellbeing charity who run inclusive cycling sessions for all at Herne Hill velodrome, and other venues in London. Their Christmas Appeal is funding for their exciting plans for 2020, such as the creation of a UK-first ‘Disabled Cycling Campaigners’ Network’. This will encourage, inspire and equip Disabled people to become local advocates of inclusive cycling, ultimately putting the power of change in their hands.


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