Co-Owner of Drops Team, pulls back the curtain on realities of professional women’s cycling

August 16, 2019 - by Blog

This week Bob Varney the co-owner of Britain’s sole female UCI cycling team, Drops, published an opinion piece on SportsProMedia following their participation in the RideLondon Classique. You can (and we encourage you to) read the full article here.

Bob highlights the work that he feels still needs to be done in women’s sport and in cycling, in particular, to bring gender parity fully into play.


In 2018, I was really proud to work with OVO Energy on their sponsorship of the Women’s Tour and the leaps forward we made to bring equal prize money to that of the Tour of Britain with the organisers SweetSpot. However, this clearly shows the argument that more funding – across the whole industry – is needed to help support and maintain the infrastructure of women’s sports to allow our athletes to perform at the highest level.

Back in February of this year, I wrote a blog in response to the then Sports Minister Mims Davies calling on major broadcasters to increase their coverage of women’s sport to ensure the sector is no longer treated as a novelty, and broadcasters and media stepped up. The BBC launched their “Change the Game” campaign in May which now gives audiences more live women’s sport, free-to-air, than ever before. The launch of Telegraph Women’s Sport in March was another major breakthrough providing unprecedented investment in and coverage of women’s sport in the UK.

For women’s sports to continue to grow, sponsors must now step up to help funding and infrastructure from grassroots to the elite level. Bob has it spot on when he says that brands need to “stop talking the talk and to walk the walk”.

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