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About Fusion Media

Fusion Media is the integrated marketing communications agency for active people.

About Fusion Media

Founded in 2008 from a passion for cycling and the media, Fusion Media has grown to a team looking after some of the biggest names in active lifestyle and endurance sport.

We're an independent boutique agency. We care about your business like it's our own and will give you an unrivalled agency experience.

We have a proven record for delivering. We pride ourselves on our direct relationship with the audience and influence we have across key stakeholders. We’re small enough to be agile, responsive and flexible to your needs. We’re big enough to deliver.


We’re a team of experts who live and breathe what we do. We are passionate about helping more people to be active.


We care as much about your business as you do. We’ll work with you to understand your mission and goals and how we can use PR and digital to achieve them.


Creativity is at the heart of Fusion. Our diverse team love to problem solve and use their combined creativity to make real impact.


Our network means we can make things happen fast. We love to collaborate with our clients and activate mutually beneficial partnerships.

Some of Our Team

Adam Tranter

Founder & CEO

Andy Baddeley


Wiesia Kuczaj

Head of Agency

Guy Elliott


Aurelie Almeida

Company Secretary

Ben Atkinson

Account Director

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